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These are actual photos of wild dogs trapped by Ferals Out.

Client Feed Back

From time to time we receive feedback from our clients where they outline their situation and the concerns and pressures that affect their lifestyle. Here are some of those correspondences we have received.

Below in point form the impact that wild dogs/dingoes have had on us. We live on a farm at North Arm, Sunshine Coast.  We are citrus growers and run a small herd of cattle and mob of sheep.  Other animals on the farm includes goats, pigs, chickens and horses.  Excepting the pigs and cattle all other animals have been killed by dog attack. Our neighbours pet pig was killed by dog attack.

.The impact on us by these attacks has proved costly, vet expenses including the euthanasia of a pony and treatment for injured animals which later died from injuries due to dog attacks.

. Sheep killed.
. Lambs killed
. One whole year of production lost due to lambs and breeding ewes killed.
. Chickens killed.
. Goats killed.
. Cattle chased by dogs.
. Horses chased by dogs. One pony sustaining injuries. (Later put down)
. Risk of hydatids ( workmen)
. Risk of hydatids (family)
. Risk of hydatids (visitors)  Legal liabilty.
.(REAL)Risk of attack on all of the above. (Neighbours daughter surrounded by pack of dogs whilst jumping on trampoline.)
. MANY sleepless nights worrying about attacks as they occurred at night.
. Devastation and psychological damage to children seeing pets after they had been mauled and later destroyed.
Name and address with held by request.

If you would like to send us your feedback or enquire about a specific Wild Dog or Feral Animal problem you have, please complete and send the following form.



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