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Photo Gallery

Here we showcase some  of the feral animals trapped by us and in some cases illustrating the humane capture methods utilised.

A very interesting family group study, complete with photos, has been assembled here.

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Accidents don't "Just Happen"....they are not planned for in the beginning. Mark is a true professional, meeting occupational shooting standards approved by the Queensland Police dept.and as such is  fully licensed, carrying public & product liability insurance

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Soft Catch traps and Collarum's  are a humane method of  live capture followed by a swift euthanasia of the target animals. Non Target species inadvertently captured may be released unharmed.

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Fox caught in a Collarum
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Some feral animals, like this wild dog & foxes will climb significantly high barriers. This one, caught on the Sunshine Coast, had been climbing this 6 foot wire fence topped with barb for months prior to it's capture
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This Domestic dog was unharmed and  returned to it's owner.
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A hybrid showing the sable pelt colouration can mistakenly lead people to believe that this variant is the result of crossing a Dingo with an Alsatian.(Ref Dr.L. Corbett ex CSIRO)
This variant reflects approximately 70% of the total hybrids captured in Maroochy shire.

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