Ferals Out offer professional Feral Pest Control specialising in Wild Dogs and all Vertebrate Pest Management

Humane Pest Animal Trapping is a safe method to capture Feral Animals and ensure public safety.

Wild Dogs and Dingoes are increasing in numbers and are preying on family pets and threatening suburban families.

Monitoring Pest Animals and Native Fauna

Feral Animal Control Services
Feral animal reports of Wild Dog Attacks in Settled Areas
Photo gallery of wild dogs, dingoes, foxes, feral cats and various pest animal species.
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Mark Goullet and Ferals Out, a Humane Solution to your feral animal and wild dog problems.


Mark Goullet loves Australian Native Wildlife and that is the motivation behind his organisation


Mark’s Specialised programs of Feral and Pest Animal control, are exclusively designed to reduce the cause of decline of our native wildlife by removing Wild Dogs and Feral Animals from our very sensitive ecosystem/environs through a method utilising a combination of humane capture devices and immediate euthanasia. Wild Dogs and Feral Animals can swiftly spread diseases, Eg. Hydatids, Neosporin, to domestic animals, livestock and also humans. Reports of attacks by wild dogs in South East Queensland are almost a weekly occurrence, whether on family members, pets, or livestock. Having developed methods suitable for the live capture of pest animals in settled areas, Mark and his associates have been busy removing Wild Dogs and Feral Animals within Rural settlements and Suburban areas throughout our State, Queensland.

FERALS-OUT have conducted and Co-ordinated wild dog control in suburbs of Coastal Shires at Caboolture, Beachmere, Bribie Island, Wamuran, Mt Mee, Narangba, Pine River's shire, Mitchelton, Pullenvale/Moggill, Sunshine Coast, etc. Other Control programs carried out for Private Government Corporations responsible for Environmental Park management such as Port of Brisbane Corporation ("RAMSAR" listed), Airport Corporations, Local Government Authorities. These feral animal control programs are designed for the benefit of native animals and humans alike. Foxes, cats and hare have successfully been removed from these "RAMSAR" listed sites, these very important sites are breeding grounds for many species of birdlife including migratory shore birds known to be the preferred prey of foxes and cats.

NR&M officers having undertaken Pre and Post-control program assessments of Pest Animal activity, generally report between 77-80% reduction in the abundance index of foxes following our control programs.


Natural Resources & Mines Zoologist conducting ground monitoring Pre & Post FERALS-OUT control program substantiated an 80% reduction in feral animal activity after the control program had been implemented. Our programs have been used as a "Model" for control of Wild Dogs and other Pest Animals at multi-agency workshops searching for solutions, Non lethal (possible prevention measures) and lethal (humane capture and euthanasia) of Pest Animals in Built-Up urban environments. We continue to contribute, through Local Government Authorities and NR&M, to broader studies and research into the control of wild dogs, foxes and other pest animals in urban areas.

We undertake our control programs in collaboration with all stakeholders, Ferals Out is a member of the Maroochy Wild Dog Taskforce tackling the very public, sensitive issues of implementing "Best Practice" procedures currently available to manage pest animals along Queenslands Sunshine Coast.

This was also the case in Townsville (July 2002), after a two year old girl was confronted and attacked while playing in her back yard. Ferals Out assisted the City Council in finding effective solutions to reduce the real risks posed by wild dogs interacting with humans in suburbia.

Townsville has been free of wild dog interactions occurring on the scale leading up to July 2002 wild dog program. Recently three problem wild dogs were reported to Council Officers (Trained by Ferals Out), whom undertook patrols and caught all three problem wild dogs.

To employ Ferals Out is to attempt to remove ALL feral/pest animals from your property, not just those which are known to be offensive. When Ferals Out gets called in it is to the most difficult and sensitive jobs; most often to cases where other control measures having failed or are unable to be implemented due to environmental impact and proximity to residential areas. Most of our clients whether property owners or government authorities, have already tried chemical control measures (Baiting) and shooting; Councils have tried cage trapping to rid themselves of the problem and it still exists. A Press Release by The Dept of Agriculture of Western Australia on Wild Dog Control Measures

If you have a Wild Dog or Feral and Pest Animal problem contact Mark Goullet for an effective solution to your requirements.

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