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An Extract from the Port of Brisbane Environmental Report 2000: "

Feral Animal Control Program

The feral foxes and cats on Fisherman Islands have either established from adjacent mainland areas or, in the case of cats, have sometimes been deliberately abandoned here. Foxes are declared pests under the Rural Lands Protection Act 1985, and, as a landowner, we have a responsibility to control them on our land. Both foxes and cats are known to prey on ground-associated fauna, such as bandicoots, and native birds. A recent Department of Natural Resources (DNR) study of fox scats from Brisbane wetland areas (including Fisherman Islands) indicated that birds in some areas may comprise more than a third of the fox diet. This is of particular concern to us because of the importance to migratory shorebirds of the Fisherman Islands area. Fisherman Islands supports a substantial bandicoot population. The DNR scat analysis study indicated that bandicoots were the most frequently occurring item in fox diets, with their remains being found in over 60% of fox scats. Foxes and cats also pose a threat to effective quarantine, as they may come into contact with animals on board ships, or scatter ships’ garbage or agricultural commodities awaiting quarantine treatment and clearance. We therefore commissioned professional pest managers to conduct a control program in May 2000. This involved cage-trapping cats and shooting foxes, as the most effective and humane methods. All feral cats trapped during the program were disposed of humanely, and foxes were shot by experienced marksmen operating under police approval. The program was discussed with the RSPCA and was conducted in accordance with the RSPCA feral animal control policy." The full report can be seen in Adobe Format on the Port of Brisbane website.

This is from the 2001 Report on the Port of Brisbane Website

"Since July 2000 we have undertaken three feral animal control programs, at Port of Brisbane,   including: • a winter shooting program • a spring cage-trapping program for feral cats, involving trapping cats at lessee sites and removing animals to the RSPCA • a summer shooting program These programs resulted in the removal of 11 foxes, 11 cats and 17 hares from Fisherman Islands over the past year. Since May 2000 we have reduced the feral animal population on Fisherman Islands by a total of 14 foxes, 35 cats and 21 hares.


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