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In conjunction with a feral pest animal program in Townsville, the wild dogs trapped underwent laboratory testing for Disease, Hydatids & Hookworm etc,. For the full report, see Thesis 2002 by Bethany Brown.

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When called in to correct a feral animal problem, Ferals Out will initiate a scheduled monitoring program to ascertain movements of both feral pest species and native fauna. This monitoring then forms the preliminary stages of the report which is formulated as control programs are formalised and implemented.  Reports will always be specific to the unique control progam for each and every application.

We have also supplied a copy of a thesis written by Bethany Brown dealing with the Prevalence of Parasites in Wild Dogs/Dingoes in Suburban fringe areas of Townsville.

This reports page will be continually updated with new material as information is correlated and processed.

An Extract from the Port of Brisbane Environmental Report 2000/2001

Thesis 2002
by Bethany Brown

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Department of Defence
Enoggera Close Training Area.

A Press Release by The Dept of Agriculture of Western Australia on Wild Dog Control Measures

A paper, by B Brown & DB Copeman, published in the Australian Veterinary Journal 2003, Survey of Zoonotic Importance of Parasites in Wild Dogs in Townsville.

A Paper outlining the real possibility of Hydatid Disease  Threats to the General Public on Brisbane's Sunshine Coast.

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